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When i 1st join this site july 2006 i put forward the argument for 40% reduction in house prices, iam going to revise this too 50% now. Seeing whats happening in the financial markets and none financial markets i have uped the % drop in house prices.

Are we likely to see a 10% drop this year yes we are going to see a 90s crash no, its going to be much worse, with banks, debt insurance companies being hit hard, its time now to really think how best to ride this huge wave.

Because of huge credit expansion i fear that we are going to have a huge recession, history shows us what happens when greed takes over ( invisible hand), for the pass few hundred years man has seen large economic expansion, along side this has see the same in reverse.

People have tried to explain theories of economic or trade from aristotle to nicole oresme from hume to adam smith and others to the present have all studied in one way or form economics, They each have inputted ideas and given us ideas about their views in their time line.

It's important to highlight timeline, with time brings us understanding humans build from past human ideas what was possible now was'nt possible a few years ago.

What iam trying to say is their theories were limited to their time, because things trade etc.. change.

Each one could only base their ideas around their time, to help us expand upon their ideas. One fact that stands out the bigger the expansion the greater the bust. Make no mistake we are going to witness hardships in some form in our time and i think looking at economic history and basing it on our era, our time has come.

One thing its life balance, balance plays an important part in life, infact one could say balance is about life.

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