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The Masked Tulip

Alliance & Leicester Appear To Have A Naff Online Service

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Just seen this over on Moneysavingexpert forum



I opened up an A&L online saver about 14 months ago by putting a lump sum into it from a third party building society account of mine.

I read in the Daily Mail about a fortnight ago that A&L had dropped the IRs substantially on this, and that the new best IR account was now their esaver account. So I immediately opened an eSaver with A&L.

As you lose a month's interest if you make a withdrawal before the end of the month I waited until today to move all my money from the online saver to the esaver. Guess what - I am not allowed to do it.

I am not allowed to move money from one A&L acount to another one.

I have to move my money from my A&L online saver account to my linked non A&L account and then back to the A&L saver - losing all the interest for however long this take. How stupid is that?

I seem to recall that it took about 10 - 14 days to get my money from my non A&L linked account into A&L in the first place so I have no intention of losing potentially 28 days interest moving the money in and out again.

So I rang them up today, explained what I wanted to do and they could not help because it had to go through the linked non A&L account. Furthermore, one of their specialist account people could not ring me back because I only have my mobile number listed and they only ring landlines. I could register a landline but they would not be able to use it for THREE months.

The only other advice that was offered was for me to go into my A&L local branch on Monday morning and get them to try and do it - but I imagine they would tell me that it is an internet only account, which quite rightly it is, and that they will not be able to do anything.

So there you are - you can't move money from one A&L online account to another one! Isn't that just rubbish?

I am going to have a think about it today and tomorrow and on Monday I am most likely going to remove all my money from A&L!

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I too have just about had enough of them.... been with them 4-5 years.

Their online service is very patchy and hard to login. Keeps give the 'Due to essential maintenance..." and then you can login briefly 1 minute later, then get kicked out mid transaction.

No, it's time to move my savings out of there. The lose one months interest rule is bad, HSBC do the same.

Banks? I've shat 'em


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