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What Do You Think The Next Ir Move Will Be....

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Paradoxically if they start slashing aggressively it can only mean that we are seeing a US style meltdown.If rates stay high ,then bulls will get their wish of a soft landing;but will still be hit where it hurts in mortgage payments.

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RIGHT!!! I am the Lemming that said UP 0.25%!!!


Well quite simple really... I think sentiment in the housing has changed and nothing is going to stop that. There will be a correction, and this is something that Merv expected, and is probably pleased about.

The housing market is not that important to a LOT of the populous, but their mortgage payments are. The rise of 0.25% might make an increased cost to some, but not all. INFLATION however, is geting worse EVERY DAY!!! People are seeing petrol at 1.02 to 1.15 a litre! Bread going up 20P a loaf, Water up, heating up... it goes on.... THIS AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN UK

These rises are causing a lot more PSYCHOLOGICAL damage to people than their mortgage payment. IF, we can get the cost of living down again, and the things that people spend money on EVERY DAY is seen to be lowering, then the populous would be happier.

I also think MERV wants some SHORT PAIN for LONG TERM gain...

Lots may not agree... but I really believe that INFLATION is the key to this.... FALLING HOUSE PRICES and HIGH INFLATION is a lot worse than falling house prices and STEADY INFLATION.*


* House prices will not hurt most people as they are gaining if prices drop. It will only affect the banks and lenders. Well their f*cked anyway, may as well kick them whilst they are down!

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Nah! It'll be HOLD.

The MPC are rabbits in the headlights. Its either Mugabi-esque inflation (Ok p'raps a slight exageration!) or a that old economic "Perfect Storm" that folks were banging on about a few years ago.

Either way we're all DOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMED, Captain Mainwaring.

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