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Morocco Port Lixus

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I read sometime ago on here that there were no apartments on Port Lixus resort in Morocco...........well i have just bought one. This resort looks amazing. I saw the site last year. These apartments are freehold and nothing to do with the aparthotel.

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I bought through www.HAPOS.co.uk. They have 2 bed duplexes and villas for sale.

Well done you :P

Haven't you noticed the lack of morocco ramping threads lately? looks like the parties over, so don't expect a flood of eager buyers :lol:

The lady there told me they are the exclusive agent for the UK.

That'd be the misses then

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Biggles2006. Plans change. It is possible there were no plans to have apartments in Port Lixus when plans were initially released, but that plans have been revised when they have realised there is plenty of demand from people that can not afford to come in at the price point for large detached villas.

I was one of the first to visit Port Lixus. When I visited in summer of 2006 only 6 or 7 housing plots had been reserved (the very best ones.) At that time prices had not been fixed for their villas. If I wanted one I had to negotiate. I was informed that prices would likely start around the £300k mark (Dirham equivallent of 450k Euros at the time.) Perhaps that was part of their negotiating technique as I see prices are cheaper than that now. Given the pound has weakened against the Euro, I think it is more likely they have come to realise that there simply isn't the level of demand they needed to have only hotels, villas and a smattering of town houses in Port Lixus. Remember too that no matter how good the location for accessability beaches and views, it has the worst weather of all 6 Plan Azzur resorts. Website you mentioned has temperature being 20 degrees in the winter. They are being economical with the truth. They may alse be fibbing about some of the town houses having ocean views - when I visited the site the only town houses were to be situated in a dip in the site for Phase 1 of the development. I'd be surprised if they had ocean views. Was also surprised there were no plans to provide town houses with a swimming pool for holiday makers to cool off in.

I've probably come accross very negative about Port Lixus. I do like the location, the views are fantastic and the beaches will be tremendous (although Atlantic ocean is less family friendly than the Med!) I also loved Larache. Its dirtier than Asilah up the coast, but it had a tremendous vibe. I hope it keeps some of that vibe once it has been prepared for the tourism that will follow.

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