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Bernanke Says Us Slowdown Will Eclipse Dotcom Bust

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable
There goes the FTSE! Isn't he supposed to refrain from saying such things IF he wishes to avert a recession?

I think they've decided to get it all over with quickly.

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Guest An Bearin Bui
Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke said that the impact of the current housing-led slowdown in America has the potential to be far deeper than the collapse of the dotcom boom at the start of the decade.

Wow, what a genius - who would have thought that the massive run-up in house prices and crazy lending would lead to something this bad...

How could a situation where banks were magicking away trillions of dollars of debts from their balance sheets in dodgy securitised debt instruments lead to a crisis that's worse than a few teenagers going bust from wasting a couple of billion on some websites?

Amazing the insights a BA from Harvard and a PhD from MIT can give you... :rolleyes:

Edited by An Bearin Bui

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Ron Paul gave him a lecture about perpetual bubble blowing yesterday and how you can't put out fires by pouring more petrol on them.

Probably off to order another tanker of aviation fuel then, just in case not enough was used last time around.

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