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Equity Isa Advice Appreciated

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Mrs Headmelter and myself have used our cash ISA allowance for this year and have managed to save a few extra pounds and were thinking of taking out a couple of equity ISA's before April.

I know very little about shares and would appreciate some points of view related to these 2 points.

Due to recent stock market volatility is it a good time to invest?

what managed funds will provide a safe modest return?

I'm pretty risk averse and would like the ability to liquidate quickly if necessary.

All opinions greatly appreciated in the interests of doing my own research.

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Nobody any ideas then? :unsure:

shameless bump.

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In this age of lawyers, it's not a good idea to give advice on financial matters. My stockbroker (Hargreaves Lansdown) is very clear that they won't give advice.

I've been investing in stocks & shares since 1999. I've got burnt buying individual shares. I did well drip feeding £250 a month into stocks during the 2003-2006 rally. I divided it into European, Asian and US unit trusts and a FTSE tracker. The US was a bit of a dog, but the others did well. I was growing rich slowly, but I am looking into more active trading strategies to get rich more quickly.

Hargreaves Lansdown and other fund supermarkets give you a huge choice of funds and more importantly they have low initial charges. Incidentally, I think they will allow you to put a cash lump sum into your stocks ISA - as long as you invest it eventually it's OK to do that (but check first - I'm not sure of the timescale you have to invest by!). You can buy and sell as you please then. Lots of people like drip-feeding money into stocks rather than buying with a lump sum in one go.

I'm waiting for the FTSE to fall to below 5300 before buying again. Time will tell whether this is a good or a terrible time to invest in equities (or anything else for that matter!)

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Two questions:

If you might need to liquidate your funds quickly, why are you considering stocks and shares? I invest in a stocks and shares ISA and take a minimum time-frame of 5 years and drip-feed in the money in order to reduce the risks involved. This has given me a good return over this time period but with many sharp falls along the way. If you can take a longer term view then the exact timing of your investment may become less important. If your view is short term then your cash ISA is a wise move.

Secondly, why a managed fund? Have you considered a simple tracker fund where the costs are often much lower? Many managed funds actually under-perform these simple tracker funds over time, not least because the computer programme running the fund doesn't want to drive a Porsche.

Have a look at this (and apologies if I'm pointing out stuff you already know):


Time and consistency are the two friends of the risk-averse investor. Short-term speculative moves are best left to those with exceptional knowledge and/or luck or should only be done with money you can afford to lose.

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