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This Bull Has Lost It


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Outstanding - I haven't belly laughed at my desk for years! :)

I also gave myself a mild seizure by scrolling too fast through the exciting colours, but that's a different story.

The umbrella he was shoving up his ****, Was it supplied by Foxtons, Still laughing but I can`t look again :lol:

You just have to scroll to the BOTTOM It`s wrong!!!!!

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The guy must work for the Nulabour Department of fiscal management(oxymoron)...formerly the treasury.

I see exactly the same soundbites manifesting themselves.Has the bloke got a rip-cord in his back like the old action-man did?....pull it back and watch the expletives(with a rather limited repertoire!!!)

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(Wife) “I heard him on some rather obscure radio chat show the other day whinging and moaning about high house prices and made the extraordinary assertion that high house prices doesn't benefit homeowners.”

(Husband) “Well that is just plain ridiculous, we are pleased that our property is worth so much because we can borrow so much against the increased value of our home which means that we can afford expensive holidays and buy many luxury goods. Dr. Bubble is no longer benefiting from the property boom and is kicking himself for having sold too early and is just jealous that homeowners are making so much money from their property.”

I wonder where things are going wrong with HPI??? :rolleyes:

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Guest mattsta1964
I've not read this through yet, but its a solid gold rant from a bull :blink: . Fantastic stuff.


I think pyschiatrists would have a field day just looking at his website

His use of colour is so extreme, it hurts the eyeballs just looking at it.

It is the work of a very deranged individual IMO

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