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I never thought it would happen

me buying a hole in Bramham

Like something from the Omen

That price I aint got over

When EAs dealt out the rations

Like housing was out of fashion

I said your facking lazy

Perhaps they said, we may be

We bought a grim old basement

With thoughts of legal engagement

We rolled biffs by the telly

Although the shows were hellish

all our pay went missing

our savings we were pissing

This home had got us fooked up

and all our life was messed up.

I got a job in batley

packing bags for tetley

And started me on sunday

but i quit the job by monday

they asked for 45 hours

to act and live like cowards

i said i need a doctor

and drugs from gamble & proctor

I claimed disability through the winter

rolled up spliffs, drank and watched trisha

my dentist cost me a tenner

and prozec made me feel better

And when the time was ready

we had to live on shreddies

Late evenings by the fire

Lager and me inside her

our flat is worth £450k

we sold it rather nifty

we leaving for marbella

i guess we;ll see you later

we leave your son and daughter

like lambs to housing slaughter

i think ill ask my brother

to take care of my mother

imagine were two years older

do you agree when i told you

the inflation got me thinking

we'd get a proper stinging

The loans came and took me

From car to crete flight booking

No more jobs up in batley

No more nights supping tetley

Alone here in the kitchen

I feel theres something missing

maybe a new extention

but this would cause money tension

i think id better leave it

the result you would not believe it

if we continue mass consumption

we're really up the junction

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