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Hazards Of Being A Landlord


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From a National Landolord's Association press release sent to the wife. You wouldn't get money in a deposit account causing you this much grief... I like the enterprising sub-letter personally.

NLA Advice Line staff have had to deal with some weird and wonderful situations over the past 12 months. Memorable stories include:

A landlord, inspecting his property after leaving it two years, found the kitchen had been removed and installed in another room. In addition, he found a brick out-building had been demolished and a large conservatory built in its place.

While a landlord was awaiting a court order to remove an anti-social tenant, a neighbour called her to say the tenants had left the property during the night. The landlord arrived to find the whole central heating system had been stolen. This didn't matter greatly as they had taken all the double glazing too.

Visiting a property of a long-term tenant, a landlord found that the tenant had removed the garage door and replaced it with a brick wall and a window. The tenant then knocked through from the hallway to the garage and sub-let this 'extra room'.

A landlord received a call from his tenant living in a first floor flat. The tenant was fairly distraught because a car, speeding on a roundabout, had flown into the living room where she had been only seconds before. Tragically the driver died in the accident but the tenant escaped serious injury.

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