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Uk Housing Crisis In Pictures ~2008

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Some local authorities have been more effective than others at dealing with board littering. Where the LA takes decisive and even handed action to curb or even ban boards most agents welcome their actions.

The problem is that enforcement is piecemeal. This therefore creates an uneven playing field as boards are an effective way of generating business.

There are many more aestetically less intrusive media available. Time for a UK wide ban on boards.

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Not sure what this means, a property down my street was being renovated slowly over a period of 2 years then stopped mid way (presumably ran out of money). Now its on sale unfinnished, and even stanger its also to let? To let? Theres no water supply connected yet and there a big gaping hole at the front with pipes sticking out the ground.



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If I was the EAs boss I would sack whoever erected all those signs. They should have released these homes in "phases" doh

I think that's one of the pictures that's been doctored using computer imagery???????? Looks pretty dire to me.

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In spite of the much talked about 'credit crunch' - I hate that phrase, there are dozens of new developments that are going ahead in my local area. In order to show my disaproval of this I intend to plaster the house price crash logo all over these sites. I expect I will be arrested at some stage. I will endeavour to post some photos of my exploits on here. In the meantime I would greatly appreciate some ideas for funny remarks I could print under the logo.

Many thanks

How about "I'm a saddo with too much time on my hands".

I think you're more likely to be ignored than arrested, since your opinion is of little interest to the majority.

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