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Vested Interests In The Irish Property Bubble

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The overall situation is reminiscent of a fabled "feast amidst a plgue epidemic" - a spending-happy party fuelled by the prce 'bubble' that is breaking the sonsumers' backs. Are you getting the picture?

I wonder who he is talking to - other economists, the speculators, or the bankers that have created this mess?

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Here's a great article shown on The University of Dublin website, entitled "Costly 'Correction' and Vested Interests in the Irish Property Bubble"

Check out the graph at the bottom of the page.  As Homer would say...D'oh! :blink:


Now there is an analysis that pulls no punches. Maybe this is an answer to the old question as to what will precipitate a drop in HP's in the UK: a crash in Ireland destroys sentiment. I wonder what the links are between the Ireland mortgage system and that in the UK ?

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How likely/possible is this though? I thought joining the euro was a once-only thing, once you're in you're in forever?

They may just be rumours after the recent referendums, but I have heard talk to the effect that both Germany and Italy are examining scenarios for a withdrawal from the Euro........ there is however a corresponding theory that the idea was leaked to further weaken the Euro, whose weakness is actually of great benefit to the worlds largest exporter...Germany.

Either way, I don't think withdrawal is at all impossible, though politicians may like to spin it that way.

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