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Yep, been a lurker for about 3 years. Sometimes I'll have a spurt of posts, but mostly I lurks!

Eternally grateful to all the posters on here for providing me with a far better economic education than I could ever have gained at school, and the support to help me stand my ground against all odds, friends and family in my decision not to buy just yet.

Bring the crash!

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I've been lurking for a while now and have learnt a lot from here in this time.

I live in London and am fairly happily renting but it's been obvious to me for years that house prices are are at stupidly unsustainable levels. It'll all collapse in the end, whenever that might be, but unfortunately tightening credit and increasing job insecurity will probably leave it just as hard for most to buy. My fear is that all the landlords who have sold out to clueless BTL's will buy up properties for cash when the crash finally comes.

Much as I like reading this site, there's some idiots on here as well.

I find the tin hat brigade quite amusing, but the thick bastards who believe everything the right wing press tells them about immigrants and the benefits system, do annoy me a bit. The word 'sheeple', seems to apply perfectly to them.

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