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Tenants - Know Your Rights

Topher Bear

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16 minutes ago, Mancunian284 said:

It doesn’t look like they’ve protected my deposit either.

if that's true then you've got them over a barrel. Not only does it stop them from serving a S21, but you can claim up to 3 times the full deposit amount. In your scenario I personally wouldn't be kind and simply ask to be left alone but would start the process on the 31st day after you moved in, as they are allowed 30 days to protect the deposit. Info on how to complete the process is here https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/tenancy_deposits/tenancy_deposit_compensation_claims

As you've had (atleast 2) instances of trespass this would certainly support your case. They can't evict you so there's nothing to lose. 

1 hour ago, Mancunian284 said:

So I could claim money from the landlord at the end of my tenancy for breaching my tenancy?

More that, if they claim unnecessary deductions, you could argue that your quiet enjoyment was compromised and that the LL therefore deserve no end of tenancy compensation, as part of the deposit arbitration process. 

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So what will happen if we all stop paying our rents together on mass as a form of activism?


the government has said they can’t start eviction process for at least three months and even then once started it can take several more months after that


and who knows what situation the world will be in if the banks have crashed and there is a Huge financial collapse which will mean nobody will be evicted with so much else going on


i hope we can all help and encourage one another as we all sit tight and don’t break and go and pay your rent



WHO IS WITH US? Let me hear your ear cry '!!!!!

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