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What Do You See Around You?


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I don’t care how people feel about what’s going on let look at the facts!

The number of doom and gloom programs on the TV are increasing,

Every time I go food shopping the person in front of me is paying by credit card with a worried look on their face

Jobs are being axed left right and centre around me

There aren’t so many lights on in the EA windows.

Please feel free to add!

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It will be interesting to see if there is any change in sentiment.

I was last in the UK for two weeks in early August and will be back next week (allbeit only in Canary Wharf for three days). I reckon it will be easier to spot if the mood is more downbeat having been out of the country if the change has been gradual. Bonus talk / rumours will be in full swing and I am expecting big cuts.

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