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The Truth About Property, 3/3


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for me it also highlighted some of the missed opportunities. Take the 36yr old who had been working for 16 years and living at home. He was an engineer with a "good wage". 16 years he had lived there. Probably paying his folks some money towards the cost of the place but prob not a huge amount. At the most it would be bills split 3 ways and a small mortgage. In reality his folks prob dont ask for much.

16 years.

Where did all his money go? He should have 200k in the bank. That would buy you a small terrace in my London suburb outright.

Good point. ( :o )

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I just watched the early morning repeat of this final instalments of the 3 programs.

One statement that struck me was when the Governments' flagship 50 % own / 50% rent 'shared ownership scheme' was suggested as an option, the guy who was trying to buy a house for his family said that there was something fundamentally wrong with the scheme.

"Why would someone encourage you to buy something, when you can't afford to buy it in the first place ?

You wouldn't buy half a newspaper"

(approx. 40 mins into the programme)

The woman living the eco 'good life' on her 4 acres in the tin shed converted stable without planning permission was sad IMO. There should be some more leeway for a low impact temporary dwelling for both environmental & housing reasons .

I was interested by the baby boomer local objectors views, and the 'nimby' discusssion siting a strain on local schools and roads for new developments.

That gave me the idea that if modular housing was used, if there was a genuine problem, part or all of it could be moved on to another site. This would possibly dismantling the Nimby arguement a bit into 'suck it & see'. The perception of permanence is part of the problem.

As I've mentioned before, I've been researching modular & portable shipping architecture. Having recentlyexperimented with google 'sketchup, I found this excellent 'eco-hotel' in the US with portabe rooms. Such options are increasingly more attractive as the economy becomes unstable with crime, security & moving to employment being more important.



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