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The Truth About Property, 3/3


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Don't forget..tonight at 20.00, the truth about property part 3 with Monopoly as guest star talking about renting in Germany v UK ;)

Your avatar made me think you are not the type to appear on TV - unless its one of those "lets watch the city centre drunks fall over and get carted off to hospital" programmes.

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Guest grumpy-old-man
channel 4 are starting a similair programme next monday.

Hi crash,

yes I had it on reminder, someone (might have been you ?) posted on it a couple of days ago.

Cheers anyway though. :)

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If anybody could buy land and build their own little make-shift house,

Is that a silent f in make shift?

hundreds and thousands of folks would be off doing it. She can't expect to be treated any differently. If she wants to be a self sufficient hippy, she can get a goat and move to Ardeche.

Well it would be one way of taking off some of the pressure. Self build was a part of the picture nationally until the Second World War when the developers took over the planning process and strangled it.

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There are loads on the board, all the "regulate BTL landlords" crowd are bulls.

The program has now degenerated into shameless property porn, albeit of a more subtle kind..I guess this is the sort of covert propoganda that the Nazis used to keep the masses brainwashed during the 30s..

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