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Please Rearrange This Into A Popular Saying


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Guest KingCharles1st

Basically, the purchaser fell or it- hook line and sinker...

What I can't understand is how you need to rent out a place like that - "just for a party.."

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Oh dear. Someone's in deep doo-doo with their Florida holiday home. I don't think they really thought it through, do you?


Unfortunately the poster fell for the dream of having a huge house and a wonderful 'management company' to take care of it all for them.

Having managed to sell our 4-bed villa in time to make some profit (having decided to get the hell out of Florida property before it was too late), the only thing I can advise is they do whatever it takes to get their place listed on Lastminutevilla.com.

This would give them some chance to get involved in plying for rentals themselves, instead of relying on the management company alone.

Or sell...although they might have left it too late for this option.

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