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Joke site? This article seems perfectly well balanced to me! (but then I live in London!)

Quote "Ken 'Dodgy' Livingstone is single, still lives with his mother, and wears a toupee. He managed to piss off the Islamic community last year, leading to an official complaint that called the strangely camp Mayor "dishonest" and "Islamophobic". It is believed that next on his list are quadraplegics, the blind, and Courtney Cox." end quote

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Gordo 'Brownpants' Brown began the second term of Noo Labour's office by famously handing the Indians our IT industry on a plate.

All part of the policy of redistribution of wealth - TO OTHER COUNTRIES.


Brown under Fire over Financial Jobs Exodus

By James Lyons, Political Correspondent, PA News

Chancellor Gordon Brown was today accused of doing nothing to stop financial firms moving jobs abroad.

A “crackpot†rule hands tax breaks to banks and other institutions who outsource to foreign countries, Tories said.

Mr Brown should scrap the VAT exemption immediately, according to shadow chancellor Oliver Letwin.

His call comes amid anger over Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s claims that moving jobs abroad benefits Britain.

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Bizarre policy this. Makes no sense at all.

1) The financials get a tax break

2) Our IT professionals enrol for JSA

3) The salaries paid by UK financials to foreign workers are spent in the foreign country not here at home - a double whammy for the Treasury

4) Competition in India between outsourcers means high turnover of staff and quality is crap

5) Eventually Indian salaries will rise anyway

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Culpability Brown,

Even worse than that, employ foreign staff here, undercut local employees putting them out of a job and pay the staff in India, sidelining any tax. You couldn't make it up.

If there are holes in Brown's budgets they are mainly of his own making. Of course the taxpayer foots the bill in the end through higher taxation (if you have a job that is).


Indian software engineers are working on key BT work including the company’s core IT systems and creating software for helpdesks. The engineers are employed by Mahindra BT (MBT), an Indian software company in which BT owns a 43 per cent stake. Some observers have claimed that the Indian engineers could be being paid just a quarter of the rate in Britain.

Neither BT nor MBT would reveal the exact number of workers being employed in the UK and paid in India, nor how much their wages were. BT said these were matters for MBT, which has a large UK office. MBT said that BT had told it not to divulge the figures because of “commercial sensitivityâ€.

Both said that MBT workers in Britain also received a living allowance for their expenses in the UK on top of their Indian salary, but they refused to say how much.

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