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Are Things Turning Bullish?

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I am getting this horrible feeling that the media are turning more bullish following the bearish articles towards the end of last year. Just look at the media postings pasted on this site - not many bearish stories of late.

Is the general public / media sentiment turning again, so soon after things were looking like they were lining up for a HPC?

Also, I only know personally 2 people trying to sell in my area (Barnet/Finchley/Southgate). One has a 4 bed detached modern house who is trying to sell for £450K - only 1 viewing in 2 months. However, my neighbour put his 3 bed semi on 2 weeks ago for £309K. He had 11 viewings in the first week & accepted an offer of £305K. Obviously he has not exchanged contracts & a lot can happen in between, including Guzundering, but it seems to me the market may have life in it yet.

I do happen to feel my neighbour put his house on at maybe £10K below 'market price', but maybe he felt it better to price low, get a close enough offer & accept, rather that aim high & not have any interest.

Is my gut feel that things are not so bearish & sentiment is turning bullish shared by anyone else here? <_<

In my opinion things are becoming more and more bearish as each day passes. Sentiment has surely turned a corner and as far as I can read the media has turned too. Volvo60 what are you talking about?

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Top Posters In This Topic

In my opinion things are becoming more and more bearish as each day passes. Sentiment has surely turned a corner and as far as I can read the media has turned too. Volvo60 what are you talking about?

its more than sentiment. prices really are dropping. like the first drops on a drought ridden plain. the hpc rains come on bringing fresh life and reassurance.

will it be a monsoon and how high will the flood rise.?


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Market tops (and bottoms) are by their very nature somewhat "bumpy" under most circumstances.

Go and find some long term (multi decade) charts of the major share indexes (Dow Jones etc.) and you will see what I mean. Markets do not go straight up or down and that applies to bonds, property, currencies, oil, metals, stocks etc.

If the housing market broke out to new highs then that would require some careful consideration but so far nothing to worry about if you are hoping that prices will fall.

VALUATION reverts to the mean with overshoots in both directions. Always has and always will. Questions relate to timing and sequence of events.


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Bromley is miles away ! Why buy there when you could get a 2 bed in se1 for about the same price.


Bromley is a great place to live for people who don't want to live in Central London but who work there. It takes me 20 minutes to get to work (I work in Denmark Hill for my sins) and it's about the same to travel to Victoria. So why live in Bromley? My answer would be why live in SE1 - I can't think of anything I'd hate more. I live in a nice 3 bed house with a garden and within a five minute walk is Bromley town centre, which is completely self-sufficient in terms of the shops available. (The Sainsbury's is the worst in the country mind you)

I'm not originally from London, I moved here because of my job and since I'm not a city girl I can't hack the idea of living in central London. <shrug>

Ursa Minor

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