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Technical Analysis Web Resources?


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Can anyone recommend some websites on technical analysis please?

I read this in Moneyweek magazine recently:

"On the chart, the stock (3i) has completed an upward corrective pattern, but one of my favourite timing tools, the Wave Matrix, is telling me that it is ready to reverse. The Wave Matrix measures how fast a stock is moving relative to the market. Currently it is giving a reversal signal at the end of an Elliott wave, meaning the odds are that the stock will plummet to the 640p level."

I need to understand these terms better in order that I can be more selective about the "tips" that I read in the press. If I can understand charts better, maybe I will be able to see whether a published tip has been overtaken by very recent events.

Thank you in anticipation


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and as ever DYOR!

Thanks for those links VAN. I'll check them out today.

"DYOR" dead right! There's some incredibly bad tips out there. Have you noticed how many tips are accompanied by a little chart showing the highest point on the RHS? :lol:

I've learnt (expensively) that that means there is no upside left! :D

Thanks again


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