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Historical Power Shift Underway

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The following article (4th October edition of Telegraph) illustrates how a Global Power Shift is now reaching its conclusion.


This my friends is WWIII in its new form of Economic Warfare !

The demise of the Soviet Union was not a triumph of 'Western' economic interests - rather it allowed the Communist states time to play catch-up with us !

The Communist 'Alliance' have now won Global economic & geopolitical power - after all the Soviets have always been renowned Chess Grandmasters - trained to think long term as have been their Chinese allies who are well versed in the Military Strategy 'The Art of War' written by Sun Tzu -

Russia & China now have Strategic Alliances with Oil and Gas Producers such as Iran & Venezuela - their goal is World domination of Hydrocarbon reserves which will allow them complete control over Western Consumer Society -

Indeed, they have created a 'Multi-Polar' World - Western Military Power is been diluted into 'Unwinnable' small scale regional conflicts - this has had the effect of creating large & unpayable National Debts for the USA & its Allies - hence the present situation of countries now 'selling' US$ for any other currecncy or commodity -

Our Strength of Consumerism has been turned into our biggest weakness - SUN TZU - 'THE ART OF WAR '




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