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Charlie Don't Surf

My 1000th Post

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Milestone post!

So what have I learnt/achieved in my 3 year career on HPC?

*Well first, there hasn't been a crash yet! However, this just makes it more likely in the near future

*The media are often lazy and have an agenda, even if that is just to give people what they want

*People have short memories

*House prices are political

However, what I have really gained from HPC is an interest in and knowledge of the economy. I now know what the Yen Carry Trade is, why bonds increase in value as IRs drop, the basics of fractional reserve banking, what securitizing and creating derivatives is about (and why it isn't always a good idea).

I understand why there is a debate between whether the future will be hyperinflation, stagflation or deflation, and to some extent what to do in each case.

Even better I can shout at the television and radio and often be right. We know where inflation is going and what a credit crunch means for bubbles.

Most importantly though, this month I have made more money through my (unleveraged) investments than most people have on their houses - and I can sell them anytime I want!

On the downside, I have grown to dislike the British way of life more and more with its greed, selfishness, blind consumerism and celebrity obsession. Everytime I read a post about someone leaving the UK I wish I had that option.

But hey, I'm not bitter. Just as long as I get my dose of schaudenfruede !

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Congratulations, and thanks for your great contributions.

Not long now before I reach that 1000th post.

Given your avatar, somthing to make you laugh on this moentus day!

Dynamite Surfing!

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I remember my 1000th post and feeling that things were beginning to go pear on the back of the US subprime blow-up. over 400 posts later and it all seems to have gone quiet again.

But you're right...I sometimes wish I had the option of leaving UK - perhaps US would be good, I hear that there are a lot of houses going cheap at the moment

heres to the next 1000!

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