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North Cyprus ----well Worth A Look

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Whilst researching global investment opportunities,I came accross the "Amber Lamb" web site.They give advise on property investments.Top of their recomendations was North Cyprus.I must say that I was a bit taken aback,as I always dismissed North Cyprus,because of the recent history.

However I visited the Country myself,researched the investment opportunities,and was amazed at my findings,there are opportunities aplenty.

You must do your homework,and find a good Estate Agent.I was surprised how many good ones there are.

Savilles in London,have researched the situation,andare 100% happy with the investment and opportunities to be had their,that they are now offering inspection trips to 5 star developments now under construction.

Of course there are Greek Cypriots who have major greivences cocerning the events since 1974,and will always voice their opinion on the rights and wrongs of the situation,I have no problem with that,but I would advise just google "North cyprus property" and have a look for yourself

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keeping my spelling and granma mistakes going

Banks in North Cyprus are offering between 15 = 18% Interest on certain savings accounts.

click on www.amberlamb. highlight North Cyprus property.

The combination of good property and high interest savings accounts is worth a serious look

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I think you doth keep on too much. <_<

What's your vested interest? Let me guess, a Northern Cypriot Estate Agent per chance?

Im glad you asked.I have no links to anyone.I am not an Agent.I work for no organisation in real astate,Financial institutions,...nowt..ziltch...nothing.

My family has no ties or connections with anyone,anything related to North Cyprus.

This forum is about overseas property.Members can come on and post about anywhere in the world.I enjoy investing in property.I find it very interesting,and we all look for the next "hot property market".I travel extensively and my most recent visit was a fact finding mission to North Cyprus.I went with my eyes wide open,and as a complete neutral.I did not know what to expect.

When I investigated "in depth " I saw that mistakes had been made in the past.Some building work had started and never finished.The roads are not as we would expect.Electricity was another issue.Certain areas suffer from lack of water.It has also suffered from terrible press for years.

Things,however,are changing rapidly.New Electricity plants are being installed.There is massive investment in the Infrastructure.New golf courses are built and being built,5 star Hotels are popping up.New marina being constructed to attract the top sailing ships in the med.Real quality homes are being built,and I honestly found the workmanship to be very good.It ias all being geared up for top quality tourism.

Their is a top class Banking structure in place ,and I met with some excellent Lawyers.The scenery,people,food etc,could not have been better.

Property prices are fantastic,possibly the cheapest in Europe, But mark my words..over the coming years prices will rise dramatically.To-day is the time to look seriously at investing here,to-morrow may be to late and the bus has gone

Advice and opinion is what this Forum is all about.I am just puting in my twopenceworth.

A problem arises when you post.Menbers with certain adgenda's home in and it detariorates into a slanging match,unfortunatetly.

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I AM very familiar with Northern Cyprus as I spent the best part of 6 years living in the South, where I visited Northern Cyprus regularly.

As much as I agree that Northern Cyprus IS the best part of the Island, the last time I was there (the Accapulco outside Kyrenia in June), the Northern Cypriots are, IMHO, on the same road to destruction as the Greeks travelled although about ten years behind, at a guess.

Its incredible the amount of building that is going on, something which saddens me, because it is obvious that there is little or no planning permission and if they continue upon this road, they will essentially lose their character and become money hungry just like those in the South.

I agree that Northern Cypurs is propbably the best place to buy on a VFM basis in the entire Med.

However, in ten years time I think it will have been changed forever for the worst. Then it might not be so desirable.

In the local paper they were saying how the constant mining for materials is scaring the landscape. As you know, the mountains over looking Kyrenia are absolutley stunning. But when you drive over them, you can see the open cast mining which is in progress with little or no regard for the mountain range.

And as much as I agree with you, the North South problem is yet to be solved. Any property you do buy over there, I personally would only touch if it if it came with pre 1974 title deeds.

I appreciate your logic,and thanks for the reply.

That's all I ask,is that people consider North Cyprus,instead of totally dismissing it.

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