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Terror Of The Teenager With An Ak-47

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Those the Gods wish to destroy they fist make mad.

It seems like 20-30% of the population want to bail out of the UK sometime in their lifetime, of course many will not do it, fail trying, come back, or find themselves in a worse postion.

Still think they are the sane ones though, another 10 years of the current trajectory and I don't think we're talking civil unrest, more like all out war.

The thought of paying any money to have permanent roots here is begining to abhor me. Pricing is becoming secondary.

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this is nuts.

The sh!t will really hit the fan during an economic downturn.

During a period of relative wealth I think a lot of the social problems in the country tend to get hidden or ignored. It will all come out during a downturn and I don't think it will be nice.

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Its not really a big deal.

We need to use the limited resources we have to hit the real criminals. Council Tax Dodgers.

There are literally thousands of OAP's up and down the land that are blatantly laughing in the face of local Government Officers by not paying the 2k per annum council tax using their meagre state pension as an excuse.

The police quite rightly have been placing all their resources on getting these criminals into court.

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utter rubbish.

anyone with a brain knows this is a kid with a toy gun.

any policeman daft enough to think otherwise lacks serious judgement.

a typical uk knee jerk over reaction.

whats next ?

reports of action men taking part in terror training camps ?

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