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Views On Our Primeminister

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In light of recent 'uncertainty' in the market what are our thoughts of on our PM Gordon Brown?

Do we think that his 'Prudence' (ahem) has led to this current economic debacle?

Will he pursue at all costs policy & control to cover his actions as chancellor in the vain hope that if/when something goes 'pop' we don't look for the reson why this credit liquidity was allowed to flourish?

Does the recent BoE decision clearly show that they are anything but independent?

What about Mr. Darling i can't help but think i'm listening to Gordon Brown everytime he opens his mouth?

Does this recent action show that the govt. will cover their steps at all costs?

Does it seem fair that Banks who have escalated this debt mountain will then be bailed out per se, isn't this then absolutely threatening the 'solvency' of the UK as a whole?

I'm staggered by events of recent days, but then i've been staggered that this whole UK HPI/Personal Debt/Credit thing has and is carrying on each year flying in the face if economic logic.

So i'd just like you to think or crystal ball gaze and give some of your feedback as to what will change & when these things will come about to rectify the current status quo - thanks.


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