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before all the bulls and crap journo's oh and lets not forget david smith get to over excited about todays 1.8 cpi figure please remember this

Oil Sept 06 $65

Oil Sept 07 $80

now even smith can work out whats coming?

oh of course there is that slight issue of soaring food pices/chinese inflation to factor in

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable
What has'nt gone up in price more than 2%?

Is there anything?

Fresh air was multiplied by a new hendonism factor.

So was having a w a n k.

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My monthly Travelcard has gone up almost 8% this year thanks to South West Trains... the % increase was supposed to be capped but they craftily got round that by whacking the car park charges up at the same time.

That's £370 a month down the drain before I've even started.....

Still, there's plenty of room for SWT to make things worse... the nearer station charges £130 pcm for parking...

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...our country cousins have been through this ......as long as Government know we know they will not get off with it:

If it continued to include the cost of housing in the Consumer Price Index, the CPI would reflect an inflation rate of 15 percent, thereby making the country's economy look like a banana republic. Worse, since investors and bond traders have historically demanded a 2 percent real return after inflation, that would mean that bond and money market yields could climb as high as 17 percent.



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