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Soaring Price Of Oats Pushes Up The Cost Of A Bowl Of Porridge

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"Make or break time for harvest'

And it's not just wheat and cereals. The shelf price of milk, vegetables, fruit, lamb, beef, pork and even imported canned goods are all expected to rise slightly, or soar — depending on rain.

"You are looking at a very diabolical scenario starting to unfold if this rain doesn't materialise in the next couple of weeks, and that will flow into food inflation," said Michael Keogh, executive director of the Australian Farm Institute.

and "Soaring price of oats pushes up the cost of a bowl of porridge"


'It's hard to begrudge the farmers this increase because they've had it so hard for so long, but I'd have liked this correction in pricing to have been far more gradual,' says John Holroyd, sales and marketing director at Simmers of Edinburgh, producers of Nairn's Oat Cakes. He suspects anything up to a 20 per cent increase for his products may be just around the corner.

'We produce a healthy product and have seen sales effectively double in the past five years,' he added. 'But as a country we've also got used to food being cheap. What we are about to see - and it's not just oat products - is a degree of food inflation not seen since the Seventies. Across the board you might be faced with a 20-30 per cent increase. You worry for the organic food market, because it might get to the point where some buyers will want to buy it but won't be able to afford it any more.'

2% civil service pay rises, and 5X salary house prices.

That's a lot of stress to the economy if food prices rise 20-30%.

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What's up with these journos? Can't they be bothered to write a decent pun-line anymore:

"Rise in porridge prices mean it's goodbye Goldilocks, hello bears"

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Going to be some angry scots aboot akiltie.gif

As long as I can still lay hands on Mars Bars and a few blocks of beef dripping I'm not too fussed.

Although I may start stockpiling ordinary cooking whisky (and anything else over 35% proof) while it's relatively cheap.

Not to drink (most scots I know can't abide the stuff. It's the smell. The one on yir da's breath on setterday nicht while you and yir mammy were hiding under the stair. :ph34r: ), but because it's almost as good as money, and keeps forever.

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