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Working Lunch Just Starting

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I've long been convinced the Working Lunch crew are up to their necks in BTL.

Nothing else can explain their ultra-pro-property stance.

They have just shown AMAZING pictures of queues outside some brances. Incredible. There must have been 100 folk on the street outside one of the London branches.

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Paraphrasing, but absolutely classic - especially the dispairing look on Shaw's face and in his voice.

Adam: But Northern Rock lended money for mortgages - safe as houses!?

Fund Manager Bloke: Yes, that was good up to a point, but that point has passed.

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Have none of these idiots actually realised, when news programmes flash up big screens of DON'T PANIC, it usually has the opposite effect, the numpties will do just that PANIC.

Reminds me of the fuel protests a few years back. The moment we were told there was no need to panic buy, the queues at petrol stations started forming and before long all the petrol stations ran dry.

Self-fulfilling prophecy innit?

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