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gravity always wins

Hpi Causes Pollution

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HPI increases the amount of money in society - money is a symbol of exchange for goods and services which inherently means work and effort - as we rely so heavily on technology and machines this inevitably means the consumption of energy which in almost all cases means the creation of pollution.

It is virtually impossible to spend money without some negative impact on the environment.

The problem is not necessarily with the system of money but more how we use it. Although with the current system banks are incentivised to lend money to companies that consume vast ammounts of energy rather than conserve and the reason is that the Banks other customers are energy producers.

Banks do not own the sun, tides and the wind - if they did you can be sure they would be investing in renewables.

The money taps are turning off at the moment when they turn back on we must ensure that money is used for the benefit of society - a carbon free economy IS worth investing in.

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