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Agency Using Deposit As Rent

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I moved out of a flat recently and am in dispute with the agency over cleaning charges, I also owe them 2 weeks rent.

The agency want to set my deposit against the rent and return the remainder to me - can they do this? I've been told by a friend that you cant use a deposit to pay rent but I'm unsure if it's true

My deposit was paid prior to the rent deposit scheme

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oh my goodness. If you are withholding rent, NEVER withhold less than the deposit value.

I think the idea goes like this;

Tenant: "can I have my deposit back please?"

Landlord "no, I am taking 80% of it for the cracked lightbulb in the bathrooom"

Tenant spends several months futiley trying to get deposit back, for a crime they didn't commit...

<Tenant moves to new flat, a bit wiser>

Landlord "can I have my 6 weeks of rent that you owe me?"

Tenant "Depends, I've moved out now, do I get my deposit back?"

Landlord "well, that's something we need to look into"

Tenant "Let's see, the rent owing is the same as the depost isn't it!?! Blimey!! Tell you what, lets just call it quits then. if you have any problems, you'll be sure to kiss my ass on the way out"

<tenant leaves with a smile on his face, however, he is always slightly unnerved every time he sees any big burly men following him down the street whenever he is in the landlords area....>

Approach b requires some nerve

I've never tried approach b - but then, I've never got all my deposit back either. LLs are generallty scum but I am too frigging honest....

In answer to your Q, i think LLs can generally do what they want, if they have your money, then you is sqwooood if you gave it them before the deposit bond thing.

ask for receipts and evidence of the jobs being done.

good luck sir

edited for some impressive spelling mistakes and the weird B) comes up instead of "b" followed by ")"

Edited by too soon to buy?

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