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Tories To Match Labour's Public Spending For Three Years

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All three main parties are in bed togeather giving themselves pay rises and better pensions and only argue about who the team leader will be for the next game of cricket.

Democracy is not working and the peoples rights are being reduced daily and nothing we say to our so called elected leadrers will change a dam thing.

i don't like every thing the BNP says but they will be getting my vote.

Leicester could become the first city in which white people are a minority in four years' time.

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How? Unless they plan on taxing us to death like Brown.

Its because the people mostly doing the voting are boomers. They need pensions, they need NHS spending and they need council services because they aren't getting any younger.

I've said this before and just been ignored but I still maintain if you take into account who votes and who doesn't this is inevitable, nobody has much choice if they want to win.

Anyone that really thought the Tories could cut taxes when their average (paying) supporter is about 70-odd years old wasn't really thinking the situation through.

Inheritance tax they may cut, which will suit the Silver Spoon brigade, but there will be nothing for people who work for a living, I'd have thought this was blantantly obvious.

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