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Radio 4 8.30-9.00 Tonight - Analysis, '"the "roof Over Your Head'

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Just noticed on my Freeview EPG:

Analysis - 'The Roof over your head'

Radio 4 Thursday 16 Aug 2007 20:30-21:00

'Zareer Masani looks at the problems of younger people struggling to find affordable homes and asks what the government can do in a market-driven business.'

Might be worth a listen.

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Didn't catch it all but I thought of what I did hear, good in places, tooth grindingly annoying in others.

Most of the content won't be news to HPCers but I think its interesting this stuff is becoming mainstream.

Nice to hear SO called a "nonsense suggestion".

Was particularly pleased to hear that Geography Prof point out to the presenter when he was sounding a bit complacent about increased renting (ie. the "well it works fine in Europe and New York" line) that tenants in the UK don't have the same rights and security of tenure etc which is for me anyway a relatively little mentioned issue but possibly the key to the present situation, apocalyptic financial sector crashes aside.

[The Tory spokesmen pretty much explained why Cameron couldn't care less, apparently he sees increasing numbers of people being forced into renting as a good thing = flexible workforce. Yup, they are happier with us being proles. Should have guessed really.]

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According to the latest figures, the price of an average British home is

now eleven times the average salary. The economist Stephen Nickell,

Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford, chairs the Government’s National

Housing and Planning Advice Unit. He points to a dangerous gap

between haves and have-nots in the housing stakes

Listen again

Alan Walter, Chair of the National Defend Council Housing Campaign, on shared-ownership

It’s a nonsense solution because actually what it involves is people having both a mortgage and also paying rent and being responsible for the repairs and improvements to their home, so actually they’re not getting the best of either world. The realities are that most people stretch to get their foot on the shared ownership ladder and then find that actually they can’t afford to in Government terms “staircase up “.

Now this is supposed to be you know a life changing opportunity, but actually most of the people I know who’ve got shared ownership you know their lives aren’t changing at all and they’re paying both a mortgage and rent.

I mean the Government originally offered shared ownership on a fifty-fifty basis and then it found that still that was beyond the reach of most people, so it reduced it down to 25 per cent. And I think Ruth Kelly earlier this year was talking about people being able to have a 10 per cent stake in their home. Now a 10 per cent stake in a home, exactly what does this mean?

Its very generous of Ruth Kelly to offer a 10% stake in a home, the muppets will soon offer shared 'door handle' ownership

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