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New Labours New Promises

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Remember New Labours competition to build the £60,000 house on land given for free to the winner.

Well two years down the line, and with Barrats one of the winners they built on Oxley Park.

Scroll right down to see the prices!!!!!

£60,000 house pilots get go-ahead

Many designs were put forward for the £60,000 homes

Hundreds of cheaper homes are to be built in the East and Yorkshire after four schemes were approved.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has announced the schemes which include a proportion of homes built for £60,000.

The sites are at: Oxley Park, Milton Keynes; Upton, Northampton; Allerton Bywater, Leeds; and Renny Lodge, Newport Pagnell.

Builders Barratt Developments, G Wimpey and the SIXTYK Consortium were picked after a affordable homes competition.

Each project also includes some social housing in the development.

The government launched the scheme to find homes that could be built for £60,000, with the aim of providing more affordable homes.

Four pilot schemes

Oxley Park 145 homes

Upton 165 homes

Allerton Bywater Millennium Community 151 homes

Renny Lodge 68 homes

At Upton, the plan is for 165 homes to be built including 50 with a £60,000 price tag and 36 available as social housing.

Mr Prescott said: "People's sons and daughters are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foot on the housing ladder and we need to do all we can to make sure they are not denied the opportunity of a decent, affordable home of their own in future.

"The £60,000 home competition is breaking new ground, bringing down construction costs and using publicly-owned sites for development."

Sally Keeble, Northampton North MP, has welcomed the pilot scheme for the town.

"A lot of people come to me with housing problems," she said. "Many want to buy their own homes, but can't afford present day prices.

"This scheme will bring home ownership into the financial reach of more people and challenge other housebuilders to bring their prices down."


Prices on this development from: £194,200 to £365,800. Price of individual homes on enquiry. The property displayed may not be at the price requested.

Bedrooms: 2,3,4 Property Type: Apartments, Houses

Very affordable if you work either in Local Government or you have a friend in Central Government.

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