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When Will Sub-prime, Sivs And Alt A Work Themselves Out

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I am trying to figure out whether the panic on wall street and hangovers in foreign markets will continue for a prolonged period. The total value of all debt and mortgages in the USA is around $10Trillion, of which 2.5Tr are classified as sub-prime or alt-a. Now 72% of them are ARMs which started resetting to higher rates over the past few months. The link below shows how the teaser rates and ARMs get replaced with market rates over the next 12-18mths which means there will be a long drawn out period in which there will be a high rate of defaults on loans.


Does this data seem correct? If so, then we will see failing hedge funds, falling stock prices and further deterioration in the housing market for the next year?

If so then its going to be a rough ride.

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