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Sellers Undercutting Each Other?

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£199,950 4 bedrooms detached, Hawthorn road in Drybrook, east side

It appeared on Rightmove last week.

£205,000 3 bedrooms cottage, Hawthorn road in Drybrook, west side, opposite the 1st one

This one was there since at least May 2007. Originally @239K, requires at least 20K to bring it to minimally habitable condition. Then the price was reduced to 199.5K. Later on the grass was cut in the garden as it appears on the photo. Went to another agent in July @205K.

The £200,000 question - which one will sell first?

Answers on a postcard :P

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The £200,000 question - which one will sell first?

The one whose contract is completed first.

Can you do the 200,000 grand in cash - no consecutive numbers please.

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3 years on the market, originally 305k:


Or you could buy this one with an extra bedroom added more recently


You could pay 235k:



or, you could pay 219k:


or, 214k:


Or, you could pay 201k like the last buyer did (the last sale to register)

It's just kite-flying, like this: they tried to sell it for about two years at 275k last year, and when trying again this year thought they'd chance it:


No luck though, back to the same price it wouldn't sell for last year...


Some people are beginning to get the message.

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Happened to me. Live in a new build shoebox 4 bed detached with conservatory. Advised by ea to stick it on in Jan at £239K - laughed at him and stuck it on at £229K, still thinking too high but thought I'd chance it. Dropped it after 2 weeks to £224995. Then another house identical to mine went on at £215K without conservatory. Needing to move I dropped mine to £218. They dropped theirs to £210K a week after. Again needing to move ASAP I dropped to £207K. Mine then sold for £200K. By then another the same had gone on at £200K. The other house dropped to £195K, then down to £190K and finally £184K. I wouldn't have sold at that price, particulalry as we're not yet in a clear crash situation, so they must have been desperate. I thought it would shift at this price though and became anxious about the survey on mine. However it didn't sell and after about 6 weeks at £184K and has now been removed from the market. This is in a desirable Welsh village and it went on between Feb and June of this year. Someone else for reasons beyond me put their identical house up for £234K in June. Needless to say this hasn't sold and is now 'to let', like a lot of stuff around here. Not the sort of thing you see in a booming market.

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