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Regulator To Let Royal Mail Raise Price Of 2nd Class Stamps By 17%

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My guess is that this will simply continue the decline in the use of the post by private individuals. The only thing I now post on a regular basis are greetings cards. All my routine bills and running of household business now happens electronically, except for the very occasional and unusual thing (for example, posting the V5 chit to the DVLA when I replaced my car recently). I still receive paper bills and things by post, but the companies which send them have bulk mailing deals anyway - they don't buy stamps.

It's another nail in the coffin of the physical transportation of bits of paper from A to B as a mainstream communications technology, IMHO. Before long, letter post will have gone the same way as the telegram and the telex.

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Even at 29p you can send a letter from Cornwall to the Scotland , this is still value for money , what else can you buy for 29p ? To much fuss is made when stamps go up 1 or 2 pence imo.

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