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I'll be honest. When it comes to stocks, shares, hedge funds, even the finer - actually basic forms of economics, I will admit to being a total no-nothing. Further more, I think there are a lot of people like me that hang around this site. Don't get me wrong, I most probably have a greater grasp of general economics than the average joe, but compared with many people on here, I know nothing.

It's fair to say that there are some very astute individuals on here that really know their stuff.

(That's the excuses out the way) 9PS. i've had a few beers, so apologies for the spelling!)

I have absorbed info from this site for months now, not knowing *exactly* what is being discussed, but I get the general gist... in short... "the sh*t is gonna hit the fan" is what I've been led to believe.

Well, folks, it has - big time.

Now, I'm left pondering how the entire UK press has managed to miss all the warning signs, to the point of ignoring what's been happening, especially when they have been pointed out on this site for many a moon. Then a >200 drop in the FTSE has all the terrestrial TV (that's all I get) channels creaming themselves with top-slot report that the general public probably don't understand. The sheeple may get the general impression that 'all is not well' with the 'London Shares thing', but they don't realise how it may impact upon them.

My point, is that it seems that the powers at be knew exactly waht was happening, but kept schtum. Until now, blaming, indeed finger pointing at the stock markets - in other words "It ain't our fault, the markets did it".

In simple terms:

IR rises = Global stocks fault*

House Price falls = Global stocks fault*

Can't afford to feed family = Global stocks fault*

Having to sell the mewed X5 = Global stocks fault*

You are all in the sh1t = Global stocks fault*

Repo'd house = Global stocks fault*

(*not the governments fault)

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