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End Of The Road For The Us Of A?

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I am not an economist, financier or anything, but I gather from my researches that for years, when times got tough, everyone could rely on the American Consumer to get us out of the hole eventually.

When all this latest business has blown over I think history will show that 2007 was the year that the world got stung so badly by the American Consumer (or at least his packaged, sliced, diced and repackaged debts) that never again would an American's word be trusted.

This is a significant change and I think it means that when investment needs a home in future it's going to look in places other than the USA.

If that's so then it's the beginning of the end for them in their current form. Particularly when you add in the rubbish foreign policy, IUGEA, WTO trangressions, IUGEA, isolationism, "antiterror" (surveillance) laws, Enron, Worldcom, Iraq.. the list goes on and on and on.

It's a crying shame. I lived in the USA. I have family and friends there. I like Americans. But I have a feeling this is going to tarnish them all for a very very long time.

Am I way off beam here?

Am I wrong when I speculate that the Twin Towers attack was (in cash terms) small beer compared to what the damage US subprime is going to cause?

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The USA has been destroyed by design.

The economy was going great until the international bankers came in

and setup the unconstitutional private federal reserve system in 1913.

If the subprime disaster simply meant a few banks losing loads of money

and going out of business, that wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately they expect

the people to pay the price of their mistakes through bailouts and inflation.

All that is wrong with America is because of government,

a government that has been usurped by the New World Order.

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