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Now How To Keep Up The Illusion Of A Strong Dollar?

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Now how to keep up the illusion of a strong dollar?

"Well, in order to keep the illusion of a strong dollar all one has to do is to bury gold since a fast rising gold price would undermine the dollar's credibility. Former FED president Paul Volcker said in his memoirs (referring to the dollar crisis of the 70's):"

Well looks like all the central Banks are getting into the act,a lot of gold is being sold,on the pretense of sticking into higher yielding assets.? <_<

"So there it is, The US Government used Gold sales in order to support the falling dollar. Seems like deja-vu all over again. Any wonder we are hearing stories of gold sales by IMF, France, Italy and so on?"and now Spain

Happy day's, keeps the price down,and we get all their shiny stuff at knock down prices,as well as smart China,Russia gobbling up all the central banks sales of gold.(they are not stupid,they know a bargain) :D

Loads more evidence of the existence of the plunge protection team at it's finest hour.


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