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Redundancies Uk, Job Creation Uk - Keep Track Thread

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Post numerically significant jobs lost news and any numerically significant job creation news on this thread, please.

Please denote job creations with prefix "+"

These are 2007's redundancies that I know of - please feel free to post your own and any corrections

so that we can keep track.

- all are losses below -

Lloyds TSB, UK - 550 redundant due to closure of C & G branches and IT jobs

to go abroad

Indesit/Creda, Staffordshire - 619 jobs to go abroad to Italy and Poland

Evesham Computers, Warwickshire - 150 jobs, company liquidated

Tractor maker McCormick, Yorks - 350 jobs go abroad to Italy

200 Tate & Lyle, Selby

Sainsburys, UK - HR dept job losses number unknown

News International - 100 editorial jobs

National Police Improvement Agency (formerly PITO), UK - 500

CFS (Co-op Financial) UK - 1000

IKEA, UK - 300 in management

Other job losses...

a.. Peugeot in Coventry: 2,300

b.. Shorts in Belfast: 654

c.. NCR cash machine manufacturer in Dundee: 650

d.. Bird's Eye in Hull: 490

e.. TMD Friction in Cleckheaton: 270

f.. Premier Foods in Kings Lynn, and Ashford: 450

g.. Simclar Group in Irvine: 420

h.. GKN Sheepbridge Stokes in Chesterfield: 420

i.. Technicolor in Cwmbran: 310

j.. Widney Cabs in Birmingham: 300

k.. Burberry in Rhondda: 300

l.. ARC glass in Sunderland: 240

m.. COSi in Littlehampton: 240

n.. Young's Seafood in Hull: 200

o.. Grampian Country Food Group in Aberdeen: 111

p.. Cincinnati in Birmingham: 90

q.. British Polythene Industries in Scunthorpe: 39

r.. Dumfries Rubber Manufacturing Company in Dumfries: 18

s.. Cookson Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham: 64

Cookson Jewellery Quarter in Wrexham: 16

t.. DS Smith in Dundee: 16

For latest news/amendments on these, see


Note that numbers of redundancies may be approximated or change, info

supplied "as is".

Moderator, please move this if necessary to the right section.


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