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"hiding Default" Or "crack-cocaine Accounting"

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I admire your interest in assisting those underwater on their mortgage payments and hopefully the industry can provide refief to our neighbors and friends. What I don't understand is this idea that since owning a home is the"American Dream" therefore it should have some sort of special status beyond a location to live and raise a family. The gov't has provided a long list of special advantages to those willing to take on a mortgage which renters do not enjoy, and the homeless have long forget about while living under freeway overpasses. I see this term used by many in the RE industry " helping people realize the American Dream" but they get commissions, fees and weekly pay checks for their missionary zeal. When we grow up we discover that Santa is a myth and babies are not delivered by storks, maybe it's time for the "American Dream" to be added to children's books.

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