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Bear Cfo: Bond Turmoil 'extreme'

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Bear Stearns Cos. Friday said it is weathering the worst storm in financial markets in more than 20 years after a major rating company warned mortgage credit problems could hurt the investment bank's profits.

what many have said on here.

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So far the foxes have said that there is one of them in the henhouse. The hens would just ignore it, and some of the other foxes outside were still quite sleepy. Now some hens have woken up, run around and shout that there indeed is a fox in the henhouse, and actually not only one. So, is that good for the hens or what? I think it is not, since even more foxes are now starting to join the party, and even more hens are waking up. The fox-hen party starts gathering momentum.

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Guest Shedfish
...the problems with subprime mortgages and market liquidity during the past two months are akin to some of the worst downturns in history....current conditions in fixed-income markets are the worst in my 22 years in the business. That would encompass the stock market collapse of 1987, the credit crunch brought on by Long-Term Capital Management's demise in 1998 and the dot.com equity bust of 2001 and 2002.

if someone on here said that, many would label them card carrying tinfoil hat wearing doom mongers. they might not be wrong, but at least we have another newbie :rolleyes:

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