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Anyone get the feeling that any day now you'll wake up and turn in the tv and see financial crisis hits western governments and institutions? because thats what iam getting. i also think easy credit is going to be a thing of the past.

declined to comment untseems to be the in thing at the moment, as no one has a clue whats going to happen or they know and are crapping turds. seems liek a code of silence is hitting the financial companies.

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Yes. I get the feeling that it's past the point of no return and it's a matter of time before massive risk premiums start hitting credit and sub-prime assets become junk bonds. At which point the BBC will finally change tack and admit the ongoing house price crash was "always inevitable".

The Bear Sterns funds and the snap valuation drops of the UK property funds to prveent exits are the first unambiguous rolling stones in this avalanche.

I look forward to reading extremely detailed stories of the collapse of Grant Bovey and Anthea Turner's Imagine btl company; and Rosie Millard writing that she is now asset poor as well as cash poor.

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FSA issued a major warning today--see thread on this.

This is perhaps the last call to GET OUT of anything that is connected to miracle economics because the fuel just ran out.

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I'd like to think a collapse may be on the cards. Everything indicates towards a big fall in one pillar of finance and it bringing it all down. BUT I keep reading articles like this


And at the end of the day there are always helecopters on scramble standby to lift cash to meet the problems. I can't see how the financial system is going to be impacted by anything when there are so many powerful people who will do ANYTHING to keep it going.

I'm off to cry....

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couldn't the banks/governments just do what they've been doing all along- ie print more money?

wouldnt that solve their problems?

i mean that american guy bernanke reckons the subprime deal could cost them 50bn - well why not print 50 bn dollars and plug the hole?

i know that would dent the dollar- but th dollar is already on its knees and the alternatives are worth thinking about.

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Look at this graph, is this where our homepage graph will be in 12 months??

An interesting article.

Provides some perspective in terms of timelines.

But in reality, a market does not have to go down to get back to the historical trend line. Instead, it can go sideways through time until reaching that trend line. To get to the trend line with today's values, it will take approximately 6 years.

I find these timescales depressing.Especially when one considers in the UK prices continue to rise. The US is still positive but at least they have had significant falls in a couple of high profile areas.

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