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The Long Wave Cycle

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"At this point, any assured voice is attractive, whatever that voice says. That makes the political situation unpredictable—it depends on what voice is loudest. In the 1930s, the loudest voice in the US happened to be that of Franklin Roosevelt, who preached optimism, compassion, mutual belt-tightening, and government activism in creating jobs and providing basic needs. In Europe, the loudest voices belonged to Hitler and Mussolini, who offered rigid control, trains that ran on time, national pride, militarism, and in the case of Hitler, industrial-scale genocide".

Found this piece By Donella H. Meadows

(Whole Earth Summer 1998


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Given GW-Bush or Putin i'll trust the russian long before i'll trust Bush after 9/11.


Unfortunately they are batting for the same team...the black nobility.

Putin and Dubya are both bitches....the guys that run the outfit funded capitalism AND communism.

looks like they are heading on a collision course...to set up a hybrid out of the ashes.

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  • 354 The Prime Minister stated that there were three Brexit options available to the UK:

    1. 1. Which of the Prime Minister's options would you choose?

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