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Advances In Transplant Surgery Break New Ground

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It not often in ones lifetime, one is privileged enough to live at a time when a momentus advance for the benefit of mankind takes place. I have lived to see the man on the moon, and now phased by the amazing advances in transplant surgery.

Heart Transplants are one of todays modern miracles, and the technology has been advancing at a fast pace, with the introduction of live doner transplants, the Live Donor liver transplant I find truly amazing, as the donors Liver having been reduced by 50% increases in size back to 80% in only three weeks.

This I thought could well be the pinnacle of miracles I would get to see in my lifetime, but I am pleased to announce I was wrong.

Scientists having unraveled human DNA have inadvertantly stumbled across the personality gene, and developed a new super drug that can be taken by mouth, with no apparant side effects, although its early days and will be some months before a detailed report can be compiled.

This has been tested by no less than Gordon Brown, and current analysis is very positive.

Having precided over a miracle economy, that has bankrupt many young families, pushed others onto the streets, and laden many others with huge debts in order that they can get a roof over their heads, in the space of three weeks selective amnesia has taken place, and the man has come up with some masterplans he had not thought of before.

300,000 new houses for people like you and me are to be built, described as affordable homes so I would guess marketed around 55k each with 4 beds and ensuite. In the space of only three weeks, he has forgotten about his special relationship with the US that led to many deaths of Iraqi Civilians, and our own servicemen.

In the space of only three weeks he is heard in the corridors of WestMinster uttering the words, "What the hell are they playing at, this economy, this borrowing is unsustainable".

He is going to reshape the NHS, its not fit for purpose, Education, Education, Education. We are on the edge our seats in awe, he is the political typhoon that this nation has been yearning for for over 7 years.

Its an amazing transformation, and sceptics may be forgiven for thinking its some kind of ruse to confuse the public prior to a general election. Well its not, and we must forgive him, and thank our lucky stars that Britains great scientists have truly excelled this time.

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He has also told the russians to p1ss off. He should swap names with his Schools Minister Ed Balls.

Gordon "big hairy" Balls has a ring to it fitting his no-nonsense character.

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