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Planning For A Sustainable Future: White Paper

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Plenty of people will spend a lot of time reading it not all of them being planners, some will just rant about how unfair it is such as http://www.planningdisaster.co.uk/

The point missed by the The Planning Disaster coalition is that the costs and bad PR generated by well funded special interest groups such as the organisations they represent against major planning applications is exactly why the government wants to kick the planning football out the political arena.

I personally know of planning applications that ended up costing the developer/client between £100k and £250k because of unreasonable and unrealistic petitions or fear of such petitions from single issue special interest groups. None of those applications where for anything particularly controversial, housing in one case and a new factory in another both admittedly did require new or upgraded access roads.

Stopping the planning system being abused by such entities is very good thing in my book even if it requires 220 page consultation documents to achieve it. You only have to pick any national newspaper to see the full page full colour adverts being run by the Planning Disaster coalition to realise just how exceptionally well funded they are.

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