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Location Location Location 8pm Channel 4 Tonight

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Just a heads-up.

As a former Hastings-type, it's of particular interest to me. Comedy local salaries + a seething hatred of the weekend Londoners make it a very rum place to live. At night the town centre is basically a no-go area if you're alone, nevermind as a female alone. On the weekends the town centre pubs and clubs end up full of East-end wideboys with the inevitable stabbings and such.

House prices aren't far off Brighton's in certain areas (not even nice areas I hasten to add). Of all the places to have a housing boom, Hastings ain't it.

...plus one of the couples in the trailer looked like right goombas. :P

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I drove down there to pick up an ebay purchase last year and thought it was quite an unusual little place. The guy I was buying from shared a huge house in a nice residential area with sea views with his mates and worked in a local shop. They were just cracking open a few beers and getting stoned as I left, seemed like the Life of Riley to me.

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You'll love my shoes in this episode - very funky, just look at those buckles!


Some kind of joke, or are you actually in this episode wearing comedy shoes?

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