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Guest Charlie The Tramp

A Great New Musical Discovery

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Watching that TV programme with Fern Britain and that other geezer.

Had a young girl singer with her own band performing.

Left all those weirdo bands who appear to be today`s musical heroes standing.

You could actually hear the words.

Great singer who will go far. When an old f**t takes to the younger generation`s music they are on the road to great success.

Remember it was all the old Grannies who put Cilla Black on the road to her sucess.

The singer`s name Amy MacDonald.

The lovely Scots Lass

Mr Rock & Roll On You Tube

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Well it appears you lot prefer your crap music. Having suffered watching Glastonbury and trying very hard to understand it, I now feel the Nation is musically doomed.

Let`s look at it, when a band hits a certain part of a song, thousands of fans jump up and down with their arms in the air, talk about sheeple on this forum, well the vast majority attended Glastonbury. :P

BTW, even Des O`Connor could do better. :P:P

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