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Peak Oil

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Do you smell a rat

Alex Jones and peak oil

Soon as the price of oil goes down then Bush talks about attacking Iran and back up goes the price

The Iranian situation is only a small part of the reason why markets are pricing oil at $77/bbl (Brent crude). Runaway demand is the real issue:

To put our current rate of worldwide crude oil consumption in perspective, during George W. Bush’s first term, the world used about 10% of all crude oil that has been consumed to date, and based on our mathematical models, the world will use about 10% of our remaining conventional crude oil reserves during George W. Bush’s second term.

Full article at: ELP Plan.

The above situation combined with the importance of ME reserves might, of course, go some way to explain why the area is seeing military action whereas other troublesome areas such as N Korea and Zimbabwe are not.

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