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from up north

Stock And Shares Isa-how Do I Use It?

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I recently opened a mini self select shares ISA with Motley fool. As a complete newby to stocks and shares I am at a loss to how this ISA works.

I pay a small amount in each month and have so far not invested in any shares or funds as I'm scared of losing money.

There is provision for regular investments on a monthly basis and something called tradeplan.

Has anyone any experience of how to use such an ISA and can you give me any pointers to sources of information.

I want to learn as I go along and preferably want to avoid losing any money.


David :rolleyes:

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This is a serious post.

I would be grateful for anyones experience of buying ishares ETF's as part of an ISA.

Has anyone done this and how does it work?



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Hi From up North,

I would recommend having a read through some Motley Fool's investor articles, they tend to be written in a light-hearted style and TMF was where I started out learning about investing. As you've opened a TMF SS ISA I'm sure you're aware of the site but there's some very good stuff hidden away in there beyond all the price comparison gumpf:


The Absolute Beginners - Investing board may be of use too:


Now researching companies to invest in: Digital Look has a lot of up to date data on share prices, related news, company info and broker recommendations, they also have a beginner's guide to shares here:


In order to understand the various share jargon and acronyms that Digital Look's company info pages provides, I recommend this site:


As far ishares, I've no experience with them, you'll have to look elsewhere for answers about them. There may be some discussion of them on these boards, try the search box. TMF discussion boards will probably help too, don't be afraid to ask there, they're very friendly and helpful.

As for my investment strategy - I'm following this fellow's plan: http://www.fool.co.uk/specials/2006/specials060208.htm as it suits my investment style (value and income) and as it's investing in huge stable companies, could be considered a 'safe' strategy as far as the stock market goes.

Just make sure you do your own research, make sure you have a reasonable understanding of what you're buying, and be prepared for short-term losses to your investment - investments in stocks should be based on a 5 year period minimum really.

Hope this helps.

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